HX-2100H Non-Stop Toilet Paper Rewinding Production Line

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Equipment introduce:
1.Non stop, continuous rewinding
2. Each part is controlled by servo motor, and the mechanism is simple, greatly reduce the failure rate.
3. Servo motor control the speed , cut paper on the perforating line, stable and accurate;
4. The PLC touch screen control system is adopted to realize precision control, which ensures accurate and clear perforation, and the paper roll tightness is suitable.
5. Man-machine interface regulates the pitch of the perforation.
6. The embossing unit and the gluing lamination unit can be used to produce various kinds of toilet paper and kitchen roll paper with different patterns.

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The main technical parameters for 2100H Rewinding machine

1. Production speed: about 150-200 M / min
2. Perforating line distance: 100-150 mm
3. Jumbo roll width: 2100mm.
4. Jumbo roll diameter: 1400mm;
5. Equipment power: about24.82 KW(380V 50HZ 3Phase)
6. Equipment weight: about 15Tons.
7. Equipment size (L*W*H): 10340*4040*2500 (mm)

The main technical parameters for Paper roll storage rack

1. Equipment description: used to store the production of paper roll from perforating &rewinding machine.
2. Paper roll length: 2100mm
3. Paper roll diameter: 100-130mm
4. Storage capacity: 80 logs
5. Equipment power: 4.4KW 380V 50HZ 3PHASE
6. Equipment weight: about 3.5 Tons
Equipment size(L*W*H): 5400*3500*2500(mm)

The main technical parameters for the big saw cutting machine

1. Paper Roll length: 2100mm
2, Paper Roll diameter: 100~130mm (can be customized)
3. Production speed: cutting times 80~100times/ min * 2 rolls / time
4. Equipment power: 12.1KW (380V 50HZ 3Phase)
5. Equipment weight: about 3.5 Tons
6. Equipment size (L*W*H):  6100*1700*2500(mm)

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